Goppion’s core value is conservation, and this includes people and the planet.

Goppion is committed to a sustainable future.

We envision a world where art drives community and conservation of culture and the planet go hand in hand. Goppion takes a holistic approach to sustainability – from the people and materials we work with to supporting our community locally and globally. We operate based on human-centered design, focusing on collaboration and mutual trust, while ensuring the sustainability of the objects we display and the institutions which display them through preventive conservation measures provided by our products.

Through evaluating and improving our operations, committing to circular economic principles, renewable materials, and involving our entire supply chain, Goppion believes in creating meaningful experiences through sustainable art and culture.

Goppion’s commitment extends to the creation of a just and inclusive society. Through our cases, we enable accessible experiences for all, and through our community partnerships, we support local initiatives and an equitable society.

Our goal is to conserve and protect the world's cultural heritage while respecting the planet and resources. Our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality products and services includes actions for social and environmental responsibility, outlined in our Environmental Policy and DEAI Strategy Plan.

This statement has been reviewed and approved by Goppion President and CEO, Alessandro Goppion, and has been distributed to all staff and partners.