When you work with us, you’re harnessing the very best traditions of careful craftsmanship. Our co-makers give us the strength and flexibility to turn our hand to whatever you might ask of us.

It’s an age-old way of working, but in these times of mass production and cheaply made components from overseas, we have become all the more grateful for it. We still work as we always have, in close-knit, long-standing partnerships with our highly skilled network of northern Italian co-makers.

Each one of our co-makers is a leader in their very particular field, which means they can invest far greater resources in research, experimentation, equipment and processes within their specialization than we ever could, and our own drive and quest for innovation keeps them pushing the limits of their materials.

This co-making approach creates a perfect fusion of our sophisticated engineering and design techniques with traditional craftsmanship. It also gives us the ability to manage large and very different projects simultaneously. But key to its success is our full grasp of every stage of a project, as well as our rigorous quality control. The Goppion workshop is where everything comes together; it's always the center of operations.