Researching Innovative Materials and Technologies for Cultural Heritage Conservation

Press Release – 21 Mar 2024

This Research & Development project focuses on advancing materials and technologies to better preserve cultural artifacts in museum settings.

Within the realm of cutting-edge materials, careful selection and evaluation are employed to create innovative solutions for preventive conservation. The goal is to construct technologically advanced museum showcases that provide optimal conditions for artifact preservation.

In particular, the initiative, SmartEco, involves studying the emissions of materials used in showcases and displays. By doing so, the aim is to develop new solutions that ensure a safe environment for exhibiting heritage objects. The study also includes the implementation of intelligent active systems, which monitor and control environmental parameters critical for artifact conservation within showcases. This monitoring extends beyond individual showcases to encompass the entire exhibition space, ensuring the proper preservation of displayed objects by considering the environment as a whole.

Moreover, the project seeks to enhance visitor experiences and learning opportunities. Exploration includes ways to improve visitor comfort and provide tailored experiences for different groups of visitors.

  • Promoted by Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy
    Call for proposals Agreements for Innovation
  • Start date: November 13, 2023
    End date: November 12, 2026
  • Scientific coordination CNR - ISPC
  • Lead partner institution: Goppion S.p.A.