Celebrating 20 years with the Louvre

16 May 2023

Goppion's long and gratifying relationship with the Louvre museum began exactly 20 years ago. In 2003, the Section des Antiquitées Orientales, containing the Code of Hammurabi, was redeveloped. Here, examples of Babylonian culture are arranged by category around a centerpiece, the extraordinary Hammurabi stele. Goppion designed these display cases with slim bases that conceal all technical equipment, seamlessly melding elegance and transparency with dependable airtightness, echoing the minimalist approach of Wilmotte et Associés’ exhibition design. This was only the first of many successful collaborations with the museum, which was followed by many others.

The Mona Lisa
, the Venus de Milo and the Sainte Anne, are protected by Goppion technologies as well as the new Département des Arts de l’Islam (2012) designed by architects Mario Bellini (Milan) and Rudy Ricciotti (Paris) and with the collaboration of Renaud Piérard (Paris) for the Exhibit Design.

Working closely with SANAA’S unique architecture and Studio Adrien Gardère's sophisticated minimalist exhibition design Goppion also created all the display units for the Louvre-Lens, a total of 242 elements, including display cases, furniture, tables and supports.

This once again confirms Goppion’s very high standard of technological quality and design, which has helped it to reach the summit of its industry, and which has turned it into one of the favorite partners of the major world museums, with whom Goppion has been proudly collaborating for a long time.