10 Years of MuSE

Article – 31 Jul 2023

The MuSE (Museo delle Scienze), located in Trento, celebrates 10 years this month. Inaugurated in July of 2013, this immense museum is dedicated to nature, the mountains, technology and sustainability. The building, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano stretches over 19,000 m² and is divided on six floors. The museum is celebrating this significant anniversary with a big party on July 22nd, complete with 10 non-stop hours of workshops, talks, concerts and performances that weave together and art.

For Goppion, the MuSE project was truly a unique challenge. In addition to providing the display cases, we were also asked to fulfill the role of fit-out contractor. This entailed directing and coordinating the complex installation on the interior, which went far beyond engineering and supplying single elements.

The actual museum display cases made up just a small part of Goppion’s work. Designed by Renzo Piano’s studio and based on a series of unique installations, each case required engineering studies, prototyping and dedicated testing. The ‘zero gravity’ concept also required many objects to float in the air with their supports and containers, which are invisible and minimalist, separated from the context of their surroundings.

Goppion worked closely with the Museum’s artistic and scientific directors, bringing life and substance to their vision with elegant and practical solutions. What was once imagined on paper became a tangible expression made of real structures – cables, wires, tie beams, glass, display cases, supports, graphics and multimedia. Goppion’s solutions created the best expressions for the cultural and formal messages the MuSE team had in mind when they dreamt of an entirely new building.

Congratulations to the MuSE on their first 10 years! Consult the museum’s website here for information about the festivities, or read more about this extraordinary project here.