Repossi Flagship Stores

Paris, France


Goppion has designed and produced the layout and display cases for the new Repossi jewellery flagship store in Place Vendôme, Paris.

Top-end architecture, innovative design and elegance are the elements that characterise the new Repossi store, designed by the OMA firm of architects. Jewels and movement are the real main players in these ninety square metres space where the three professional businesses, each a leader in their own field, have come together successfully to create exceptional value and quality.

The boutique is laid out on three levels, taking customers on a “journey” of discovery into the Repossi brand at three different speeds. The ground floor is an extension of the street and provides customers with a rapid overview of the store; the first floor is a gallery showcasing the entire collection and the basement, the most private floor of the boutique, is a salon where clientele is ensured a personal service.

The whole space has been conceived as a stage for high-quality Repossi gold jewellery, enhanced by unconventional materials. A series of coloured mirrors, produced together with the Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, give amazing colour reflections and refractions.

Goppion has used cutting-edge technologies and innovative mechanical and engineering solutions for the interiors. Undoubtedly, the most fascinating is the Trivision Billboard, three adjacent walls made up of over 90 prisms with a triangular cross-section that rise up from the ground to the first floor, rotating to produce ever-different dynamic scenarios. Two sides of the prisms are covered in bronze and silver coloured mirrors, while the third side features a long series of display cases that showcase and protect the fabulous jewels from the Repossi collection. Perfectly synchronised movement of the elements-an essential part of the project-dilates the space inside the store into fluid scenarios that continually transform to create an ever-changing frame for the display itself, in line with the contemporary architectural language of the OMA firm.