IBM Quantum System Two
Goppion’s Vitrine Glass Encloses, Protects IBM Quantum System Two

Image © Ryan Lavine for IBM

Yorktown Heights, USA


Building on our experience of being part of the team that designed the nine-foot-tall, nine-foot-wide case of half-inch thick borosilicate glass that formed a sealed enclosure around IBM Quantum System One in 2019, Goppion was again chosen by IBM to provide the protective glass enclosures for IBM Quantum System Two, unveiled at the end of 2023.



Goppion was chosen by IBM for this project because of our strong, proven track record in delivering solutions that help architects and designers achieve their artistic vision, while also giving equal consideration to providing ease of access for computer engineers and technicians.

Goppion engineered a metal and glass cladding around IBM Quantum System Two’s central enclosure housing the cryostat and the quantum processor, and surrounding electronics. Goppion’s custom-made cabinets enhance the sleek look of the system as well as provide an environment that helps isolate the components thermally and acoustically.

Goppion also provided the 30/70 partially reflective glass corners that define the system’s space. This reflective property makes the space that houses the system at the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center to appear more expansive than it is. This visual effect gives the user a moment to pause and see that the space is as intriguing as the device itself.

Finally, Goppion provided the LED ceiling suspended from above the entire system footprint, which illuminates the space. The ceiling is comprised of 16 LED panels — some of which open with a hinge system, while others slide into place. This design was incorporated to facilitate greater ease of access for staff who need physical access to the space to service the infrastructure responsible for running IBM Quantum System Two. Our chosen LED lighting scheme also helps to maximize appreciation of the system’s unique design.

Unveiling IBM Quantum System Two