Ostilio Bego Library
A World Class Case for our Local Library

Trezzano sul Naviglio, Italy


Goppion prides itself on delivering the same world class service and expertise for projects of all shapes and sizes. So we were delighted to assist the local community of Trezzano sul Naviglio, situated near our HQ in Milan, when their local town library needed a new display case.



The Trezzano Municipal Library (also known as the Ostilio Bego Library) has acquired a collection of historical articles from the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, dating from the First World War. Covering the years 1915-1919, this valuable collection of original news items follows Italy's entry into the war in 1915, to the end of the devastating conflict, which resulted in an estimated 40 million casualties worldwide. The collection also includes news of the Treaty of Versailles, the controversial peace agreement that followed cessation of hostilities.

Goppion designed and built a conservation-grade showcase for the collection, which is situated in the library’s reading room. The initiative was the result of careful planning and teamwork, involving the Culture and Sports Service with Dr. Silvia Mandolesi Ferrini and Dr. Elisa Nicassio, local citizen Patrizia Foglia, and Bruno Goppion.

The project was aimed at enhancing the common good for the local community – part of a wider effort to position the Municipal Library as a new meeting point between past and future for generations to come, using art, knowledge and communal dialogue.

Trezzano’s Mayor, Fabio Bottero, commented: "I am pleased to be able to unveil, not only to the Trezzano community, a project that is very important to me and that involves many people from our Administration in realizing this inauguration. In particular, it is an honor for the city of Trezzano's library to have in its reading room the conservation showcase made by Goppion S.p.a., an Italian excellence known worldwide and one of the companies that resides in our territory.”

Goppion brings the same high-quality care and precision to local endeavors as we do to our major international museum projects. The Biblioteca Trezzano project was an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our local roots, which stretch back to 1952, when Goppion was first founded in Milan.