Civico Museo Archeologico

Milano, Italy


The Museo Archeologico in Milan has been expanded thanks to the acquisition of new spaces. This museum, which has a historic legacy in the city, boasts three new sections: “Altomedievale”, “Etrusca” and “Greca”. The visitor follows the path of the exhibitions over three levels with over 500 square meters of space, discovering relics – pottery, terracotta sculptures, bronze pieces, jewels and clothing – including pieces that have never before been shown.

Exhibition design: Andrea Bruno, Turin

The challenge

The plan for the installation involved display cases that are visually light and of great formal refinement. They make great use of etched glass and glass with decorative fabric inserts. These are true transparent safes - weighing more than 2,000 kilos in some cases – that allow visitors to admire the legacy of Milan’s Archeological and Numismatic Collection, which inherited the collections of the Museo Patrio di Archeologia founded in 1862.

The solution

Most of the display units installed belong to the System Q line. Some special display cases realized by Goppion are based on architect Bruno’s design and enrich the installation at the Museo Archeologico. The architect calls it “a subdued installation that is very understated and relies on display cases that are technical and of great quality, serving as delicate supports for the objects they contain.”