The Ligabue Foundation and Goppion recreate “The world that never was” in Rovereto

18 Oct 2016

Following its great success in Florence, the Civic Museum of Rovereto is now hosting the major show promoted by the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation entitled "Il mondo che non c'era. L'arte precolombiana nella Collezione Ligabue" – or “The world that never was. The pre-Colombian Art in the Ligabue Collection.” This exhibition has the ambitious objective of narrating the life, customs, and cosmogonies of Central and South American cultures before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

Royal symbols, sacred objects, and everyday utensils bring us closer to the cultures and societies with exotic names, distant in time and space, which evolved fully in complete autonomy without even having an inkling of the existence of the western world until 1492. Such works oblige us to contemplate unknown languages and symbols, captivating our imaginations with their freshness and primitiveness.

What strikes us is the impression they must have made on Giancarlo Ligabue, the entrepreneur-palaeontologist who died last year and for decades had collected hundreds of artefacts of cultural evolution on the five continents, with a particular penchant however for that "world that never was" where he journeyed extensively and worked, collecting the works we see today in the exhibition organised by his son Inti, who intends to follow in his father’s footprints.

All the works are exhibited in Goppion showcases. These are modular showcases that can be disassembled to guarantee considerable flexibility, making them particularly suitable for temporary exhibitions. Their vertical surfaces are constructed completely in glass with ceilings either entirely in glass or in metal and featuring LED lighting. As in the case at hand, they can be used either individually or assembled in line or in blocks, thereby increasing the exhibition surface according to needs and adapting to any architectural context. The innovative structure of the frame – the Pagani-framecombines the utmost stability with minimised weight. The use of Goppion state-of-the-art technology – opening systems, hinges, and seals – guarantees excellent performance in terms of air-tight environments and a high degree of preventive preservation, capable of meeting the highest standards specified by the most demanding lenders of such treasures.