Goppion Catalogue of Museum Display Cases

Press Release – 28 Jul 2020

Goppion is pleased to announce the publication of its new Catalogue of Museum Display Cases, a culmination of over sixty years of engineering design and display case manufacturing.

Over the decades—specifically since 1952—Goppion has experimented with nearly every type of display case possible. We have worked with prestigious institutions around the world to ensure the preservation of artworks and artifacts while providing optimal viewing experiences.

Around thirty years ago, museum display cases changed from being simple glass cabinets to technological machines for preventative conservation. While witnesses to this passage from simplicity to a sophisticated, scientifically designed home for precious objects, Goppion stayed at the forefront of the field. As a result, Goppion synthesizes functionality and elegance, science and technology. Clean, unfussy lines conceal advanced engineering, reaching optimal performance conservation, security and presentation.

Every project we take on is a chapter in the Goppion story. And each project, in its own way, marks a challenge that has spurred us on to fresh achievements. This underpins our constant, disciplined commitment both within our workshop and in our relations with scientific institutes.

Working on display cases, one comes to realize that all the different elements that go to make a technologically advanced case are interconnected so as to provide the optimal possible conservation, presentation and security performance. Everything associated with research and development
 in the various contexts, be it mechanical, electric, structural, related to security, automation, or communication, Goppion encompasses processes and materials, each of the highest standard and ensuring a low level of pollutant emission, which together are at the acme of engineering design.

We are laying the foundations that will ensure the company will thrive in the challenges to come. Our art is of a process that is not something static, but a gradual unfolding. Though we have evolved as a company to specialize in particular types with proprietary innovations. Our One-Off class of products, which Goppion is famous world-over for—our unique installations including the Mona Lisa, and the Crown Jewels— demonstrate our utmost ability to secure and display the most precious of objects there are to be seen in the most elegant and secure of environments.

We have, for example, the Q-Class: frameless display cases, also completely transparent, with sliding doors or doors rotating on a vertical or horizontal axis. Then there is the U-Class: framed display cases, with doors rotating on an axis. Our C-Class features glass bonnets, functioning as lids on horizontal display cases. And the B-Class includes glass box display cases, made entirely of glass that are therefore completely transparent.

All these classes are highly customizable. At the same time and following the contrary philosophy, we have also introduced our innovative Qre and Bre sub-classes, where “re” stands for ready-engineered high-end components and sub-groups.

Please contact us for a digital copy of our catalogues either at or request here.