The advance of The Quarto Stato made secure by Goppion

22 Nov 2010

See: Photoreport of transport and installation, November 22nd 2010

Milan, Italy – November 22nd, 2010. “The Walk of the Workers”, the 1902 painting by Pellizza da Volpedo that opens the way around the exhibition at the Museo del Novecento (Museum of the Twentieth Century) is protected by a 5.50 x 2.80 metres glass membrane created by Goppion and placed at a distance of 1.80 metres from the canvas on a sliding rail in order to guarantee correct levels of conservation for the work of art and required accessibility so that ordinary maintenance work may be carried out. The crystal employed weighs five and a half quintals and was brought into the building by a special team from the Goppion Laboratorio Museotecnico through the balcony on the Arengario building. Hoisted up to a height of 11 metres by means of a crane with a suction lifting system, the glass was placed in the room with specially designed manoeuvring techniques. The glass was too big to be transported along the corridors and passageways used by visitors to the museum and it was suspended in air over the cavaedium - or central area – of the coil-shaped ramp that characterises the interior of the museum, thanks to a service passageway in steel that was then removed at the end of operations.