Rai Italy - Italian Genius

31 Jan 2023

Alessandro Goppion is the subject of an in-depth profile for Italian Genius, a docu-series by RAI Italy television about Italian ingenuity and creativity. This series asks the question: how is entrepreneurial excellence born out of the power of an idea? These emblematic stories of success recognized abroad tell an immersive and emotional tale of great Italian personalities known and appreciated around the world for their ability to innovate, an atlas of internationally renowned artists and executives.

Alessandro Goppion's story begins with a background in history and philosophy which, on the surface, seemed far removed from the family glassworks business. However, when Goppion was compelled by fate to take the reins, he decided to combine his passion for history with his father's craft. Today, Goppion has created innovative display cases for the world's major museums, protecting the Crown Jewels in London, the Mona Lisa in Paris and astronaut Neil Armstrong's space suit. For him, the museum display case is a unique object with its own inherent dignity, always reaching into the future.

"For me, conservation means ensuring that the objects of our memories and our culture will be there for future generations. I am and I feel like a labourer working to preserve our heritage.” – Alessandro Goppion in Italian Genius, 31st January 2021.

Watch the full episode on RaiPlay here.