New headquarters and workshop for Goppion

19 Nov 2020

Welcome to Goppion HQ

We are pleased to share a behind-the-scenes look at our headquarters in Trezzano sul Naviglio, Milan, where Goppion now occupies buildings at two sites.

Our new production hub is located in the town of Gudo Visconti, ten kilometers from Trezzano. There, we perform all assembly operations necessary for the preparation of our showcases – both completed units and those requiring assembly at their destination.

The Gudo workshop gives us the necessary space to organize our work according to a precise and studied flow: from the components, through subgroups to groups that, assembled together, give rise to the famous Goppion showcases. The workshop was acquired before work began on upgrading our new office building. This ensured production and assembly would not be interrupted while renovations were happening.

Our new offices sit within a glass two-storey building reminiscent of a display case: on the ground floor we have new offices for Project Managers and Purchasing while the second floor hosts our Management, Administrative and Marketing offices.

The building has been realized with eco-compatible solutions and is signed by the architect, Luca Schiavoni. The intent was to double the useful space and, through the weighted use of materials, create a seamless transition between the prototype laboratory behind the offices, and the building itself.

Take a peek behind the scenes with us in these two videos.