Milan, FuoriSalone events

04 Apr 2011

Milan Capital of Design® 2011 (11-17 April 2011), University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono 7, Milan (11-23 April 2011) Exhibition Event INTERNI MUTANT ARCHITECTURE&DESIGN

Milan - On the occasion of the FuoriSalone events coinciding with the Milan Furniture Fair 2011, Goppion, the ambassador of sustainable design, is making its Tzumi-ki display cases available for the “Suspended Colors” installation at the Exhibition Event INTERNI MUTANT ARCHITECTURE&DESIGN to be held at the University of Milan.

Presented inside Goppion display cases, in the evocative setting of the Ca' Granda, are the creations by designer Mario Trimarchi. Sophisticated everyday objects that are found, transliterated into colourful elements, in the installation by Gwenaël Nicolas at the centre of the Cortile dei Bagni. The installation, entitled “Suspended Colors”, consists of a large round corridor, a light, self-moving structure illuminated with RGB LED lights, recalling the general theme of the exhibition, Mutant Architectures, in which the elements are constantly in evolution or in movement.

This year INTERNI is promoting an Exhibition Event that identifies one of the responses of architecture and design to the question of sustainability, “an operational obligation for every project dimension that takes into consideration not only renewable sources and the processes of recycling, re-use and change of use but involves the whole world that surrounds us”, in dynamic structures and their flexibility of use.