Milan, Archaeological Museum

19 Apr 2011

Milan - Goppion is proud to contribute to the relaunching of Milan's Archaeological Museum: a receptacle of the city's history. The extension of the Civic Museum, inaugurated on 20 April, has provided another important opportunity for Goppion to be of service to the cultural heritage of the capital city of Lombardy – after assuring the installation of Pellizza da Volpedo's Quarto Stato at Museo del Novecento. The cabinets created for the Archaeological Museum come from Laboratorio Museotecnico, the research and development branch of Goppion SpA.

Three floors have at last been devoted to the “High Middle Ages”, “Etruscan” and “Greek” sections of the museum, in the premises at via Nirone which has recently been annexed to the original Museum complex. Three new exhibition floors for three sections of inestimable documentary and educational value.

The installation project for the museum, developed under the architect Andrea Bruno from Turin, consists of display cases that are visually light and formally refined, making extensive use of sandblasted glass and fabrics set between panes of glass. These are actually transparent strongboxes, in some cases exceeding 2,000kg, in which the city's archaeological and numismatic collections can be admired. The collections come directly from Museo Patrio di Archeologia, founded in 1862.

Goppion – whose professionalism and flexibility received special praise from Claudio Salsi, Director of the Museum Section of Milan Municipality – was entrusted with the development and manufacture of the display cabinets for the new exhibition spaces, more than 500 m² in which the presentation unwinds amid the treasures of the collection, some of them on show for the first time. Ceramics, sculptures in terracotta, bronzes, jewels and items of clothing can be seen in the extension in via Nirone, in 81 controlled microclimate display cases, regulated according to the requirements of the artefacts they preserve.

The greater part of the cabinets that have been installed belong to the series of technical cabinets “System Q” Goppion, which includes over thirty different models, with a range of almost 150,000 variants for setting measurements, functions and accessories. Some special display cases, built by Goppion on designs by architect Bruno also enrich the installation at the Archaeological Museum. "This is a low-key, very sober installation – said the architect – which makes use of display cases of the highest technical quality, a precious support for the objects on show".

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The Archaeological Museum in Milan, The via Nirone extension:

* The High Middle Ages Section, on the first floor, exhibits artefacts that illustrate the long and complex period from the fall of the Roman Empire until the birth of the Carolingian Empire.

* The Etruscan Section, on the second floor, consists mostly of material from the Cerveteri Necropolis, one of the most important Italian collections.

* The Greek Section, on the third floor, comprises artefacts from Magna Grecia in particular, including fragments of Attic ceramics attributed to the great painter and ceramicist Euphonious, sculptures in terracotta and an important collection of bronze helmets and jewels from Taranto.