Mazzini's home re-opens in the bicentenary of his birth

22 Jun 2005

It reopens today, after some renovation and inernal reorganisation works, the Museum of the Risorgimento of the city of Genoa, dedicated to the figure of Giuseppe Mazzini.

The first nucleus of the Mazziniano Institute dates back to 1875, when the rooms of the palace in Via Lomellini, where Giuseppe Mazzini was born, were bought with a popular subscription, in order to place memories, relics, documents and books connected to its thought and its activity.

After to have been declared National Monument, the 19th June 1934 was inaugurated the Mazziniano Institute, with an act of the Podestà of Genoa.

In 1982 the new Museum of the Risorgimento was inaugurated, with documents from the age of Balilla in Rome.

In December 2001 a new room dedicated to Mameli and the National Hymn was set.

The patrimony is constituted of iconographical testimonies, relics, manuscripts, books and newspapers of cultural historical character from 1700 to 1946.