La, "Goppion has performed a miracle."

21 Jan 2011

“Goppion has performed a miracle” at the Museo del Novecento.
In his review on the Repubblica newspaper site, Goffredo Silvestri has quoted Goppion since the company has created the new glass protection for the painting Quarto Stato, the masterpiece by Pellizza da Volpedo.

From LA REPUBBLICA, 21/01/2011

“...The first work of art could only be the Quarto Stato, the monumental masterpiece (283 x 550 cm) depicting the march of Piedmontese peasants on strike. The work caused trouble and anguish for the painter, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, and was finished in 1902. The painting also requires a lot of room. The space available is six metres wide, five metres long and 4.20 metres high. Goppion has performed the miracle of an “anti-reflection” glass case of those dimensions".

"Milano, Novecento con vista Duomo. Il museo all'Arengario è da brivido", by Goffredo Silvestri