Italy Celebrates 150 Years of Unification

21 Apr 2011

Among the symbols of the Homeland, protected in a display case and exhibited in Genoa at Museo del Risorgimento Mazziniano, is the original manuscript written by Mameli of our National Anthem, the most beloved song of unification, not only during the Risorgimento period but also during the following decades. Written in 1847 by the then twenty-year-old student and patriot Goffredo Mameli, and set to music shortly afterwards in Turin by another native of Genoa, Michele Novaro, the Italian Anthem was born in a period of patriotic fervour leading up to the war against Austria. It was then chosen by Giuseppe Verdi, together with the Marseillaise and the British Anthem to be included in Inno delle Nazioni, a work he composed for the Universal Exhibition, held in London in 1862.

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