Islamic Art Gallery inauguration

25 Jul 2006

A selection of over 400 masterpieces states the magnificence of thirteen centuries of Islamic Art, in one of the most prestigious collection of the world. That’s what the Jameel Gallery at The Victoria and Albert Museum of London is showing from the next 28th of July, after the reopening to the public.
The project of the Gallery, named to the family of Abdul Latif Jameel who gave part of the collection, began in Spring 2005 and was financed by XXXX. Presented during an official Royal Opening, the project has been studied in the exhibit-design by Softroom’ Architect Oliver Salway.
In this occasion Laboratorio Museotecnico Goppion engineered the cases to contain and protect the masterpieces: carpets, costumes, pots and ceramics. These objects, dated from VIII Century to the beginning of XX Century, are preserved in specially designed structures.
The most important piece of the collection is the famous Ardabil Carper, weaved in Iran in 1539-40. With a surface of more than 50 squared metres, it’s a unique object and one of the oldest dated and historically important carpet in the world. The big case designed to contain it has glass vertical walls and a basement of the same marble (Bronzetto Stone) used for the room’s floor, that permits the optimal vision of the carpet. The special engineering for the raising of the glass walls, moreover, guarantees a high level of preventive conservation, together with high protection standards and access easiness when required.