Hong Kong Economic Times

Press Release – 09 Apr 2020

Museum display system manufacturer enters Asia
Uses technology to outshine competitors and protect cultural artefacts

During an interview with Hong Kong Economic Times, Andrea Sartori, business development manager of Goppion, shared his view on the value of display systems and the Hong Kong market potential.

Goppion successfully beat other international and local showcase manufacturers, winning the opportunity to engineer, manufacture and install conservation display cases for two galleries in Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Sartori mentioned that display and conservation system manufacturers play an equally important role in showcasing and protecting art pieces. With the use of technology, Goppion installs humidity stabilisers as well as air filtering and recycling systems that can be controlled remotely via mobile phones and tablets.

Goppion has been exploring Hong Kong and other Asian markets recently and Sartori commented that there are many opportunities for display and conservation system manufacturers. Goppion is currently developing two galleries for a museum in a Hong Kong. The company will continue to explore the Hong Kong market.

Looking forward to youngsters entering the industry; museum experience a plus

Sartori said anyone with curiosity, a challenge embracing attitude and passion for artefacts is qualified to enter the industry although having museum experience will be a plus.
Goppion hopes to employ more youngsters thus passing the responsibility of conservation to the next generation. The company has reached agreements with several universities to provide training for students. Hong Kong students and anyone interested are also welcome to join.

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