High technology Goppion showcases for Museo del Duomo in Firenze

01 Dec 2015

Along with the special display case for the “Gate of Paradise,” created in 2012 - in steel and glass and characterized by the front in anti-reflective, extra-clear glass that is 4 x 6 (the largest size on the market) and with an overall weight of around 11 tons – today there is another display case with identical characteristics to house the North Gate of the Baptistery, also by Ghiberti and created a few years before the other. The North Gate was recently restored by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure.

The precious and delicate nature of the Gates required they have exceptional airtightness conditions, able to guarantee a stable level of relative humidity under 15% in order to prevent oxidation of the gold parts.

Both of the display cases have electrical handling systems to allow for the maintenance and positioning of the gates in relaan tion to the sophisticated LED lighting systems. This allows for lights to be dimmed or for choosing the temperature or color. A computer outside of the display cases controls these functions remotely.