Goppion wins contract for prestigious new Museum of the Viking Age, Norway

27 Feb 2023

Goppion is delighted to announce it has been selected as showcase provider for the forthcoming Museum of the Viking Age.

Goppion has been declared winner of the contract following an intense and highly competitive bidding process that took more than a year.

Our work will include the design and production of approx. 200 conservation grade , customised display cases, and will contribute towards an ambitious goal: recreating the Viking Age and bringing to life one of the world’s great centers of cultural heritage, while preserving it for future generations.

The new museum, designed by Ralph Applebaum Associates, will be located in Bygdøy, outside Oslo, on the same site as the former Viking Ship Museum, which opened in 1928. It will be a grand extension and reimagining of the old museum: three times larger with a total area of 13,100 m2, including about 5,500 m2 of exhibits.

Lars Christian Gomnæs, project manager for Statsbygg, the Norwegian government’s buildings commissioner, says of the appointment:

“We look forward to continuing to work together with the experts at Goppion. Statsbygg knows the company well… and knows that they deliver in world class. This contract provides the best conditions for preserving the collection of the Museum of Cultural History for future generations.”

Of Goppion’s appointment, Gomnæs adds: “Goppion stands out particularly positively when it comes to the construction of the displays and understanding of the task. The displays they can show they have made in the past are both solid, durable, functional and aesthetic.”

The new Museum of the Viking Age will ensure visitors can enjoy unparalleled access to the cultural knowledge and understanding of the Viking Age.

About the project:

- The Museum of the Viking Age will host the world's three best-preserved Viking ships and more than 8,000 other objects from the Viking Era.

- With Goppion’s expertise, the Viking ships and the rest of the Viking Age collection will be displayed in a safer and more audience-friendly way than possible previously – all in a state-of-the-art, climate-regulated building with new support systems.

- Goppion’s work meets the strictest requirements for world-class museum display cases. We achieved the highest score in the bidding process as provider with the best relationship between quality and price.

- Goppion joins a collaborative project team that includes Statsbygg, the Ministry of Education and Research, owners the University of Oslo, and AART architects.

- Public opening is scheduled for 2026.

- Goppion’s custom-made showcases feature in many museums and heritage attractions around the world. More locally in Norway they are a major feature of displays at the new Oslo National Museum of Art – the largest art museum in the Nordic region – which opened to the public in summer 2022.