Goppion meets the I.I.L.A.

09 May 2011

Florence, Goppion meets a delegation from the Italo-Latin American Institute (I.I.L.A.)
On 9 May in Florence, at the Galileo Museum, a meeting was held with a delegation of the Italo-Latin American Institute, promoted by Goppion S.p.A. The purpose of the I.I.L.A. is to develop and coordinate research and documentation on problems, initiatives and prospects in the cultural, scientific, economic, technical and social fields, in Italy and in the twenty Republics of Latin America.

At the heart of the debate, the state of museology and museography in the countries of Latin America and the contribution made to the sector by the innovations of Goppion S.p.A. The Mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, was in attendance at the meeting.

The venue for the event was the Galileo Museum, directed by Prof. Paolo Galluzzi, where elegant latest-generation Goppion exhibition cases bring out the aesthetic quality of the objects, guaranteeing their perfect conservation. The museum, which was fully renovated in 2010, was awarded the “European Museum Academy’s 2011 Prize”, the “ICOM Italia Prize – Museums of the Year 2010” in the category of Best Management, and First Prize in the Great Exhibitions Competition conferred by the British Society for the History of Science.

The following participated in the meeting: the Ambassador of Mexico and President of the Italo-Latin American Institute Jorge Chen Charpentier, the Ambassador of Costa Rica and Vice-President of the I.I.L.A. Federico Ortuño Victory, General Secretary of the I.I.L.A. Ambassador Giorgio Malfatti di Monte Tretto, the First Minister of the Colombian Embassy in Italy Mónica Dimaté, the Ambassador of Peru César Castillo Ramírez, the Ambassador of Chile Oscar Godoy Arcaya, the Ambassador of Uruguay Gustavo Alvarez Goyoaga, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic Vinicio Alfonso Tobal Ureña, the Ambassador of Cuba Milagros Carina Soto Agüero, the Minister of the Republic of Honduras Graciamaria Aguero, the Ambassador of the Republic of Panama Guido Juvenal Martinelli Della Togna, the Consul of the Republic of Panama in Florence Manuel Minischetti, Dr Maria Elena Hugony, architect Cecilia Hugony, architect Carlo Cigolotti, Dr Andrea Sartori, Prof. Peter Hohenstatt, Prof. Giovanni Pinna, Prof. Paolo Galluzzi, the Hon. Ugo Intini and Alessandro Goppion.