Goppion display case for Woman in a Mirror by Titian.

02 Dec 2010

Titian’s Donna allo Specchio (Woman in a Mirror) by Tiziano Vecellio was exhibited at Palazzo Marino, Milan, from December 3rd to January 6th. The work of art, from the Louvre, was protected by a micro-climate controlled glass case made by the Goppion Laboratorio Museotecnico, News Agency Adnkronos reported.

Milan, Italy – December 2nd, 2011 - Adnkronos. The extraordinary exhibition, Donna allo Specchio (Woman in a Mirror) opens tomorrow in Milan after its arrival from the Louvre in Paris. It may be visited at Palazzo Marino free of charge until January 6th. Organised by the ENI and Milan City Council, the exhibition repeats the success of the previous Conversion of Saul by Caravaggio in 2008 and the Saint John the Baptist by Leonardo in 2009. The Louvre Museum is the event’s partner and with its partnership with ENI has leant, like last year with Leonardo, one of the works of art by the artist from the Veneto.

The Donna allo Specchio (Woman in a Mirror), painted by Tiziano Vecellio around 1515, depicts a woman before a dressing-table with a container of ointments and perfumes. The woman is dipping in her left-hand index finger while her right arm is unravelling a lock of hair and applying perfumed oils. In the background, a man may be seen in the shadow who is handing the young woman a flat mirror whilst with his other hand he directs a larger, convex mirror in a gold frame at her shoulders.

“The painting”, explains Henri Loyrette, President and Director of the Louvre Museum, “ is a masterpiece from the Venetian Tiziano’s youth. The harmony in the composition and in the colours highlights the beauty of the young woman with the dreamy air about her. Her bowed head, blue eyes, blond loose and wavy hair, light complexion and bare shoulders are all details that characterise the feminine ideal in fashion in Venice at the beginning of the Sixteenth century as well as Tiziano’s own particular passion for female portraits.”