Goppion at the restored BnF Museum, Paris, France

Press Release – 17 Sept 2022

Goppion SpA, based in Milan, Italy, is thrilled to announce its contribution to the restored BnF Museum, which opens to the public in September 2022 following a decade of the most ambitious and extensive renovation works in the site’s history.

Situated on the Rue de Richelieu, and long considered the heart of the National Library of France, the BnF Museum holds a world-class collection comprising thousands of books, manuscripts, prints, drawings and objects. This eclectic treasure trove spans some 4,500 years of cultural history, with a dazzling array of works from an ancient Sumerian tablet with cuneiform inscription to cutting-edge contemporary photography.

Among the many rare and famous works preserved in this beautifully reimagined building are Victor Hugo's original handwritten manuscript of Les Misérables, Mozart’s original manuscript score of Don Giovanni, prints by Rembrandt and Picasso, exquisite Roman works such as the Berthouville Treasure and Grand Camée de France, the chessboard of Charlemagne and the bronze throne of Dagobert from the early Middle Ages.

The painstakingly renewed rooms and galleries, designed by Guicciardini & Magni Architetti, improve public access to rotating displays of the cultural treasures on display, many of them protected by Goppion’s custom-made showcases. There are also new spaces for temporary exhibitions as well as hosting lectures, events and improved facilities for academic study.

CEO Alessandro Goppion comments:

"This project joins those of the Bodleian Libraries, Folger Shakespeare Library, Grolier Club, New York Public Library, Trinity College Old Library, and Library of Congress that qualify Goppion as the top engineering organization for display installations in libraries around the world."


- More than 900 works are now on display across the 1,200m² public space.

- Goppion created more than 100 specially designed display cases and other items of museum furniture.

- These include 37 vertical showcases, along with 17 island showcases, and a range of other shapes, sizes and design features that responded to the challenges of each space, and the wide variety of fragile material for display.

- Goppion also undertook renovation works for historical showcases in the Luynes Room, which holds a collection of ancient objects, plus some exceptional later works such as Boabdil's sword.

- All new showcases use state-of-the art technology that gives equal importance to preventive conservation and elegant design.

- Goppion’s work meets the strictest requirements for world-class museum display cases.

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