Goppion and UNESCO together for two days to discuss sustainable development in the museum sphere

27 May 2011

The outcomes of this conference are soon to be published in «Museum International» magazine, the UNESCO organ of technical and scientific information on museums and cultural heritage

Paris - Laboratorio Museotecnico Goppion has promoted and organised a symposium entitled “Museums and Sustainable Development: which display cases?”. The conference was organized in partnership with UNESCO and with the collaboration of the Service des Musées de France.

The purpose of the two days of study, in which more than 40 experts (including curators, museographers, architects, restorers and specialists in preventive conservation) took part, was to identify and explore shared guidelines for the design and production of display cases that are sustainable from economic, social and environmental perspectives.

There was significant representation drawn from the ranks of French museum professionals. Additionally, taking part from the international community, were the Director of the General Department for the Safeguarding of Heritage of the Ministry of Culture of Cambodia, Hab Touch, the Director of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Sector of the Algerian Ministry of Culture, Mourad Bouteflika, Editor-in-Chief of Muséum International China magazine, Liu Feng, and Director of the Oficina del Historiador de La Ciudad de La Habana, Katia Cardenas.

The proceedings were opened by Alain Godonou, Directeur Division des objets culturels et du patrimoine immateriel - Culture UNESCO. Francesco Bandarin, Deputy Director General of UNESCO for Culture, and Pierre Provoyeur of the Service des Musées de France also attended. The debate was developed on various tables of discussion, prepared by the Laboratorio Museotecnico to prompt reflections on three themes: the “overall cost” of the exhibition case, with analysis of the costs resulting from use and maintenance, the contribution of the display case to the risk management of the cultural assets exhibited and, finally, the case’s importance as an instrument for the cultural communication of the museum’s message, ‘science’ and values.

The proceedings of the conference, which was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Place de Fontenoy in Paris on 23 and 24 May, will be published in «Museum International» magazine and the conclusions will subsequently be presented officially to selected professionals in the sector.

This initiative falls within the sphere of activities sponsored by the Laboratorio Museotecnico, the Research and Development Centre of Goppion SpA. Goppion has long been considered a safeguard of our planet’s cultural heritage, thanks to its contribution of innovation in the sector of preventive conservation, and this conference only extends that imprimatur.

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