Goppion and Foster + Partners at Monteverdi Tuscany’s New Restaurant

24 Jun 2024

Photo courtesy of Foster+Partners

Goppion is excited to highlight our latest collaboration with the esteemed architectural firm, Foster + Partners, at Monteverdi Tuscany's newly opened Zita restaurant. Set in the meticulously restored medieval village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Zita is not just a dining destination but a celebration of Tuscany’s rich cultural tapestry, enhanced by a contemporary art gallery.

Our role in this prestigious project was focused on the creation and installation of three conservation-grade display cases designed in partnership with Foster + Partners. These state-of-the-art cases are tailored to protect and exhibit valuable Etruscan artifacts, integrating them beautifully into the restaurant’s elegant setting.

These artifacts provide guests with a unique opportunity to connect with the ancient Etruscan civilization while enjoying their visit to Zita. Our display cases are subtle yet impactful, designed to engage viewers without distracting from the artifacts’ historical significance.

At Goppion, we are proud to contribute to projects that intertwine cultural heritage with modern design, ensuring that historical artifacts are preserved and appreciated in new and innovative ways. The opening of Zita marks another successful collaboration where our expertise in high-quality display solutions meets the architectural artistry of Foster + Partners.

Zita, alongside its adjacent art gallery, also designed by Foster + Partners, is now welcoming visitors at Monteverdi Tuscany, offering a blend of fine dining and historical exploration. Read more about Foster + Partner's project on their website here.