From "Il Giornale", 15/09/2010

15 Sept 2010

“Save, reclaim, rebuild: no people in the world knows how to employ the true significance of these verbs more than ourselves. This might be due to the fact that we have lived through our fair share of emergencies in this country. Otherwise, how could you explain why, every time there’s a catastrophe in other places, the telephone rings here in Italy. And we are the ones who intervene. As main players. With human as well as technological expertise".

"If you direct your faces towards one of the glass cases that protects icons of world art and history, like the Leonardo da Vinci Codex at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem or the crown jewels of the Queen of England in the Tower of London remember that those all danger-proof glass cases are all Italian. Goppion, world leader in exhibition and conservation systems for museums make them".

Domenico Ferrara, «Genio italico, dalla marea nera al Cile», Il Giornale, September 15, 2010