Display cases from a thousand and one nights for the museum of the Institut du Monde Arabe

18 Feb 2012

In Paris, the inauguration of the Museum of the Institut du monde arabe takes place on Monday 20 February; it reopens to the public February 21 after three years, with its permanent collection renovated. It is located inside Jean Nouvel’s iconic building, its treasures protected by Italian Goppion display cases.

Paris - L’Institut du monde arabe (IMA) celebrates its 25th anniversary with the inauguration of its museum on 20 February. Completely renovated, it reopens its doors after 3 years of work, which have brought the permanent collection to new light. Rethought by head curator Marie Foissy, together with a team of archaeologists, historians, linguists and anthropologists, the museum bears witness to the extraordinary wealth of art and traditions that enliven that mosaic of 22 member countries of the Arab League, the co-founders, together with France, of the IMA.

The 560 pieces in the collection of the IMA Museum are resplendent inside display cases developed and built in Italy. These transparent prisms, of exceptional formal lightness despite dimensions that in some cases exceed 11 metres in width and 4 in height, conceal microclimatic control equipment and mechanical solutions that are the result of know-how consolidated over the Milanese firm’s 60 years of activity.

Engineered to guarantee easy use by operators and optimal parameters for conservation of the objects and their most effective exposure, the Goppion display cases built for the IMA have integrated LED lighting systems with shapeable light cones, in addition to revolutionary supports attached directly to the glass, which allow the objects to be arranged suspended inside the case. 1100 m2 of glass was used to build the display cases.

Inside one of the buildings that symbolise Paris, designed by Jean Nouvel in 1981, the exhibition itinerary of the IMA Museum, on 4 floors, is structured over a total area of 2400 m2. The museographic project is by architect Roberto Ostinelli.

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IMA © NKB Architectes & Associés / / Roberto Ostinelli studio di architettura - 2012