A Northern Italian network of craftsmen and comakers

Press Release – 21 Jan 2020

In 1952, chocolate spread maker Ferrero purchased hundreds of glass cases to merchandise confectionaries in bars and shops Italy-wide. These cases were all supplied by a single man, Nino Goppion, in a small workshop-now a garage-whose glass cases were all manufactured in that 20-square meter space in an unassuming building. In a neighborhood that has since transformed from a into a spirited hotspot of eateries and specialized galleries and that is home to one of Milan Design Week’s key districts, the garage stands on the very same street and bears large brass signage ‘GOPPION’, but it is no longer where the cases are made. It is far too small for a company that currently supplies The British Museum, The Louvre and The Met, amongst hundreds of other major museums. The garage reverted to its actual purpose and currently houses the Goppions’ bicycles and Tuscan wine...


A Northern Italian network of craftsmen and comakers Lampoon