Getting your lighting right is crucial, and we never underestimate its importance. It determines how a visitor perceives, understands and interprets what they see.

But, as custodians of some of humanity’s greatest achievements, we should all tread carefully. Without the right care, understanding and attention, lighting can compromise preventive conservation, causing damage by emitting ultraviolet or infrared radiation and by raising the temperature in the display case.

Like so many aspects of our work, then, it’s a delicate and carefully calibrated balancing act. We use fiber optics and LED lighting (and sometimes a combination of both) to ensure an extremely low sometimes zero level of ultraviolet and infrared emissions. And we also give a great deal of thought to the exact positioning of the lights within the case. We keep your artifacts safe while highlighting them in exactly the way they deserve.

Goppion Museum Display Case catalogues are available upon request.