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Museum Display Cases

This catalog represents a culmination of our extensive experience gained from decades of collaboration with leading museums worldwide. It organizes our projects by shape, creating distinct classes that each showcase specific technical characteristics and performance capabilities. These classifications demonstrate the possibilities within our designs, with each shape featuring specially engineered systems designed to optimize costs while ensuring high performance.

Exhibit Components

In addition to display cases, Goppion produces all the components that make up the complete exhibition design for museums, libraries, and spaces intended for cultural recreation. We combine advanced engineering expertise with meticulous craftsmanship to create display units, informational supports, and furnishings that enhance exhibit spaces and visitor services. This approach helps institutions achieve their goals in terms of conservation, legibility, and effective use of space.

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Please contact us for digital copies of the Goppion Catalogue of Museum Display Cases and/or The Review of Museum Exhibit Components, a culmination of more than seventy years of innovating engineering design in museum environments.

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