Roto-translation opening system for large doors

The problem

Opening large doors presents unique problems stemming both from the kinds of mechanisms required and the space needed for the door itself.

The standard solution

When large doors have to be opened, various forms of sliding
system are usually the preferred solution, since a hinged door would
require a great deal of clearance in front of the case in order to
swing out.

Goppion’s innovation

Goppion has invented two systems, both patented, which allow the whole of the case front to be opened.
In the first, the door is supported by two large hinges consisting of special asymmetric arms. The function of the arms is to provide a roto-translatory movement that positions the door parallel to the side of the case as it opens, thus reducing structural stresses and occupying minimal space. In the second, the roto-translating arms are symmetric and after sliding halfway across the front, the door is partially uncoupled from the arms to enable it to rotate to the side of the case.