Smart Case System

The problem

Museum cases have become extremely complex machines that have to guarantee ideal conservation conditions for safeguarding and displaying a variety of objects. Cases are now expected to enable museum staff to monitor conditions within the case, while encouraging visitors to interact with the exhibits so as to enjoy and understand them to the fullest extent.

The standard solution

There are several, increasingly sophisticated cases on the market designed to meet these requirements, but they generally tackle each aspect in a piecemeal fashion rather than viewing them as interconnected parts of a complex whole. This reflects a lack of a true fusion between the various roles of a showcase.

Goppion’s innovation

Goppion has developed a highly flexible system that combines the conservation, safety and presentation features required of a display case by means of integrated electronic instruments designed to record and transmit data remotely. This “Smart Case” system can also provide visitors with specific information regarding the works exhibited and process data for proximity marketing purposes.