Sheet glass jointed along milled interlocking edges

The problem

It is essential to preserve the structural integrity of glass box cases over time.

The standard solution

Glass panes in box cases are usually glued along miter or edge-toface joints. Standard gluing methods subject adhesives to excessive stress, which could lead them to give way should they deteriorate. In fact, most adhesives manufacturers cannot guarantee their product’s effectiveness over time.

Goppion’s innovation

Goppion has found it necessary to develop special glass joinery profiles that are machined on the mating edges of the panes to ensure appropriate physical support, rather than rely on adhesives alone.
These couplings take the following forms:
– plain rabbet joint, with the groove in the thickness of the vertical pane corresponding to the point of support;
– miter rabbet joint, between panes with a 45° milled outer edge.