Power-assisted embedded compartment for hygroscopic material

The problem

In display cases using a passive climate control system – alone or in combination with an active control system – the hygroscopic material must be replaced regularly. This operation has to be carried out simply and safely, to avoid the risk of damaging the display objects.

The standard solution

The hygroscopic material (silica gel) is usually arranged in one or more trays placed out of sight within the display area so as not to distract from the appreciation of the exhibits. The trays are held in compartments set into the base of the display case, but still connected with the area from which they have to absorb moisture. However, problems with the circulation of the air tend to undermine this system’s efficiency.

Goppion’s innovation

Goppion’s approach is to place the tray containing the gel directly within the display area, in a space under the deck and thus in direct contact with the area where the objects are arranged. The tray is positioned by using
a chain drive system operated by a gearmotor to lower the portion of display deck containing the tray. When it reaches the end of its run, the tray slides out horizontally along rails. Placing the tray within the display case enhances the effect of the gel, while the fact that the gel can be replaced without entering the case eliminates all risk to the objects displayed.