Museum display case with large opening front, free of intermediate uprights

The problem

In order to ensure good airtight performance in a display case with multiple doors, it is essential to fit it with suitable gaskets.
However, these can be unsightly in the joins between the glass panes and spoil the view of the objects the case contains.

The standard solution

To achieve the degree of airtightness desired, uprights made of glass or some other material can be added and fitted with gaskets that recreate the door’s mating surface. This can sometimes spoil the view of the objects on display.

Goppion’s innovation

Goppion’s solution is to recreate the airtight join by compression, rather than dragging, and by introducing active magnetic gaskets, eliminating the upright. This ensures an excellent airtight performance in the display case and a considerable reduction in visual impact. In cases with sliding doors, the proportion of the front that is accessible increases, so that objects even larger than the door itself can be accommodated in the display case.