Micro-climate frame

The problem

Displaying thin objects, especially those made of paper and other fragile and perishable materials, has always been fraught with difficulty, all the more so when these artifacts are on temporary loan for exhibitions far from the place where they are normally displayed.

The standard solution

There are several articles on the market that are meant to provide protection, but these are often made of unsuitable materials that present off-gassing issues or are unable to provide the proper degree of airtightness or internal microclimate stability. These instruments rely on a low level of technological sophistication and were originally designed as simple protective equipment.

Goppion’s innovation

The micro-climate frame developed by Goppion stands out from these thanks to its high airtight performance provided by powerfully compressed double Viton o-ring gaskets and the technical compartment housed at the rear. Although this chamber is not very large, it is able to contain various pieces of apparatus - including as absorbent filters, hygroscopic material, electrical sensors to record and transmit data on the case’s microenvironment, such as relative humidity, temperature, air quality and the state of the frame – essential for security purposes. The Goppion micro-climate frame is thus able to ensure that however delicate an object might be, it can safely be moved to wherever it is to be exhibited.