Anti-vibration frame cases for paintings

The problem

Paintings, whether on canvas or panel, are generally exhibited in frames without any additional protection from the environment and this inevitably exposes them to the risk of deterioration.

The standard solution

In some cases a thin pane of glass may be placed between the frame and the work itself, which serves only as protection against direct physical damage – scratches, touch, breath, and the like.
But since the rear of the painting is left completely uncovered, the glass does nothing to guard against the effects of the possible contaminants in the room’s air.

Goppion’s innovation

Goppion has developed a case specifically for paintings that is completely invisible because it is placed behind the original frame and entirely encloses the canvas or panel within a controlled microclimate. We use neutral adhesives to glue the original wooden frame to the outer structure of the case.
The front pane of glass is extremely close to the painted surface and ensures ideal visibility. This concept has been further improved through the addition of an elastic shock absorber to protect the work from vibrations when it is being moved to a new location. The Goppion case makes it possible to inspect a painting not only from the front, but also from the rear, ensuring that its condition can be constantly monitored.