Extraction and return pantograph for motorized automatic drawers

The problem

Drawer displays, which are becoming increasingly common, present special design challenges. Often called for when the objects to be displayed are particularly fragile or light-sensitive, the drawers must operate extremely smoothly lest any vibration from the drawer’s motion damage the contents.

The standard solution

To ensure ideal display conditions, the drawers can be equipped with automatic opening and closing mechanisms that control the drawer’s speed and avoid the vibrations that could be caused by clumsy handling of the drawer.

Goppion’s innovation

Goppion’s approach to this challenge has been to develop a pantograph that acts as an actuator and transmits the movement generated by the motor to the drawer. This solution separates the act of sliding along rails from its motorized actuation, so that in the event of the motor jamming for any reason, the drawer can be operated manually simply by disengaging the pantograph from the drawer. The drawer’s automatic opening mechanism can in any case always be reached from outside the set of drawers, which can be fitted with a lock, from the base or from the sides, depending on the drawers’ position in the room.