Concealed opening mechanisms set into glass

The problem

The trend toward increasingly minimalist display cases, with clean, uncluttered lines, has led designers to opt for glass tops, a minimum of visible parts and easily operated opening and closing mechanisms. However, this is sometimes achieved at the expense of performance.

The standard solution

Manufacturers often address this problem by using pivot hinges, which are not particularly effective in terms of conservation and security, or even by eschewing an opening mechanism altogether, obliging museum staff to remove the doors manually – a hazardous and tiring task.

Goppion’s innovation

Goppion has created hinges and pull & tilt slide systems concealed in the glass tops of display cases, which are
thus completely inaccessible from outside. The hinges are miniaturized four-bar chain hinges and are virtually invisible. The pull & tilt slide mechanisms, which use connecting rods and slides, are also undetectable by the visitor. These systems make it possible to manufacture highly transparent and secure cases that present a uniform outer appearance, enabling museum designers to create a cohesive array of cases that individually meet a variety of display and conservation requirements.