Four-bar chain hinges with hook to hold door closed

The problem

Four-bar chain hinges consist of a fixed element connected to a mobile one by two connecting rods. When the hinge is closed, the connecting rods are still very slightly inclined, increasing their depth and leading to the risk of the door opening unintentionally.

The standard solution

Accidental opening is prevented by adding locks to the door.

Goppion’s innovation

In order to ensure that the doors close properly, Goppion adds a special retention hook at the back that holds the two parts of the hinge together. This not only prevents the door from opening accidentally but also reinforces the pressure on the door’s mating surface created by the design of the four-bar chain hinges
themselves. Moreover, when closed, Goppion’s hinges are perfectly flat and compact and can thus be concealed completely within a case’s glass top.