Glass-box display cases


QB-W display cases are wall units with square or metal base with optional back painting on the lower edges of the glass panes. They can be placed against a wall or semi-recessed in prestructures.

They can be opened via a lift mechanism, pull & slide, horizontal rotation or lateral rotation.

Depending upon the model, they are available in a wide range of dimensions (height from 200 cm to 240 cm, width from 80 cm to 200 cm and depth from 35 cm to 120 cm). Typically, the back is in metal and is accessorized with various types of shelves and three vertical glass surfaces (one in crystal and the other two in glass and metal if the display case is semi-recessed).

The ceiling is available in a metal version or crystal with metallic frame. Lighting can be placed in a panel at the top part of bottom part of the display case upon request.

RH stabilization is integrated in the base, and is a passive system (an active-passive system is optional).

For further technical details, consult System Q. Display Cases. Models