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Glass-box display cases
QB Class

The QB class represents the evolution of the display case in that the exhibit-space enclosure has been transformed from a fixed unit with a door into a mobile unit hinged to its supporting frame.

QB display cases can be island models (QB-I), wall units (QB-W) or hanging (QB-H).

Typically the ceiling is in glass except for semi-recessed and fully recessed models, which have the ceiling partially or entirely in metal.

These cases can be opened via vertical lift, a pull & slide mechanism or rotating on a vertical or horizontal axis.

The structure is realized as a sort of crystal “bubble” meant to offer the maximum transparency while protecting objects in the most discreet way possible.

The evolution

Two previous projects provided the functional and engineering precedents for this class of display cases. There were the “box rotation” cases at the British Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London created in 2001 and the modular display cases at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds installed in 1996. The front part of the V&A display cases is a glass “shell” that encloses the exhibit space while giving the visitor the impression of coming closer to the objects, almost becoming a part of the story they have to tell. The Leeds cases were designed to contain precious armor. They are glass columns divided into two parts with no metal edges. They open by means of sliding guides.