Modular display cases for personalized exhibition layouts - System Q - Goppion

Modular display cases to create all types of exhibition layouts

System Q offers a wide range of possible combinations and ways to personalize exhibition layouts. These are pieces that are highly adaptable not just to specific museum projects but to the architecture of different spaces as well.

The display cases from class QD are modular and can be combined with one another to create continuous gallery configurations or more elaborate layouts.

Airtightness along the joints of the glass fronts is obtained via the use of:

  • a mixed system of magnetic gaskets along the horizontal sides of the plates and bulb seals along the vertical sides where they are positioned (maximum transparency);
  • glass uprights along the vertical sides where the plates are positioned (maximum airtightness).

Furthermore, System Q can integrate display cases in special self-supporting structures, which are particularly suited to locations where cases can’t be anchored to the walls and where existing wall surfaces can’t be touched.

The presets are made of powder-coated tubular and plate steel.