Personalized and Custom-Made Museum Display Case Solutions – System Q - Goppion

The System Q: the essence of the Goppion experience

The System Q is the result of 60 years of continuous research, innovation and experimentation. It offers the most complete line of museum display cases able to meet every exhibition need.

The System Q is a whole made of up previously tested technical solutions. When combined, these solutions make for countless museum display-case offerings that have come about out of Goppion’s research in engineering and aesthetics to offer the highest level results at standard prices.

The System Q takes its name from the “articulated quadrilateral,” a kinematic system made up of four rigid arms connected in pairs, which serves as the base for the opening systems on all of Goppion’s display cases. 

The standardized production of components, which have been widely tested and experimented with previously, allows for great savings in terms of time and costs of realization and sale.

Ease-of-use, security, longevity, reduced maintenance, light fixtures that consume less and respect for laws having to do with reduced environmental impact – these are the qualities that ensure the System Q is perfectly in line with the values of good museum management.