Display Case Classes & Types

At Goppion, we have developed a system of categorizing display cases according to their position in the exhibition space (freestanding, wall-standing, wall-mounted, or recessed) and their orientation (vertical or horizontal).

We further classify them on the basis of opening system (doors or moveable bonnets) and the associated movement mechanisms (rotating, sliding, or translating). Our classification system thus distinguishes the cases we offer by form, position, and operation. But in fact, display cases with nearly identical exterior appearances can actually conceal meticulous engineering features that provide vastly different performance characteristics. We thus found it necessary to introduce a new category in the display case industry: the performance class.

Indeed, in order to meet the conservation requirements of the various objects to be exhibited, clients demand showcases with very precise standards of airtightness, climate control, size, opening systems, safety, and the like. The combination of all these features determines a given case’s class. Sometimes a client needs a case with exceptional performance requirements, form, style or materials – effectively a special design project. These cases are in a class of their own; we therefore call them our Fuoriclasse.

Geometrically simple display cases, with clean lines, visible hinges and lowered case platform.

Demountable modular cases, with rotating door, medium airtightness.

Glass hood display cases, with rotating or tilting opening system, high airtightness

Vertical and horizontal metal-framed display cases, with rotating or tilting glass door, high airtightness

Cases with aluminum micro-profiles, with rotating door, high airtightness

Large glass box cases, opened by division, high airtightness

Glass box cases, opened by lifting, high airtightness 

High-performance, highly customizable cases with multiple opening system options, high airtightness

Frame cases for paintings, high airtightness

Display drawers, high airtightness

Display cases with special design and performance characteristics

This section gathers together a range of extraordinary Goppion collaborations that produced units with unique designs: some have an unusual shape (triangular, pentagonal, curved) compared with the standard rectangular units, others are radically different in concept. Please refer to our historical catalogue, Museum Exhibition Installations, for more details.