Museum Display Case Lighting Systems – System Q Visibility – Goppion

Display cases as light as soap bubbles

Goppion's display cases aren’t made to be seen but to allow the works on display to be best viewed.

The factors that allow us to reach this objective are the same factors upon which the Laboratorio Museotecnico has always focused its research:

  • Essentialness. Our display cases are simple and linear. They eschew any kind of ornamentation that is not inherent in the quality of the materials. This is to allow the public to have maximum visibility of the objects on display.
  • Lightness. The display cases’ technical mechanisms are ever lighter, allowing for greater display surfaces, while still offering the highest levels of airtightness and preventative conservation.
  • Wide glass surfaces. Objects are fully visible thanks to wide glass surfaces and the research we’ve done into solutions for door closure mechanisms that don’t interfere with how the objects are viewed.
  • Lighting. Our display cases use cutting-edge lighting devices (using fiber optics, LED or a combination) able to best highlight the works on display while guaranteeing their security at the same time. The recent addition of a metallic top that can be accessorized with different types of light sources further allows the client to choose (or modify) the lighting device even after purchasing the display case, depending on the materials it is to hold.
  • Interior fittings. Goppion constantly strives for formal simplicity and restrained elegance but gives curators and exhibit designers a wide range of tools for displaying works and communications features.