Accessible Display Cases for Museums – System Q Opening Systems - Goppion

Easily accessible display cases for welcoming museums that want to reinvent themselves

The display area inside the cases is wide and easy to manage thanks to opening systems that don’t require the parts of the case to be taken apart. In the larger display cases, there’s a “walk-on” base that allows access inside. The technical compartments that have lighting and climate-control devices can be accessed and inspected from outside.

Opening systems

All of the opening systems of Goppion’s display cases are based on the articulated quadrilateral, a kinematic chain composed of four rigid arms connected in pairs.

Thanks to the use of the articulated quadrilateral, all opening devices:

  • are inside the structure and not visible or accessible from outside;
  • offer perfect parallelism between the planes of the moving part and the fixed part when the display case is being closed;
  • exert uniform pressure on the airtight gasket along the rabbet planes;
  • avoid harmful stress on the gasket mentioned above, increasing its lifetime;
  • greatly facilitate movements for all openings, even large ones;
  • exhibit high load capacity;
  • do not allow rotating parts to protrude.

Goppion's display case opening movements include:

  • rotation around a horizontal axis with tilting door;
  • rotation around a vertical axis;
  • horizontal translation and removal;
  • vertical translation, also called lifting;
  • horizontal slide;
  • horizontal slide with inclined door.